TAPir is a program for transferring tapes made on commodore computers to a PC by playing them through an ordinary tape recorder connected to it's soundcard. Yes, I know there are several other programs sort of like this already out there, but where's the fun in using someone elses program?
(Besides, it seems knowledge about signal processing isn't as wide spread as it should be, if you know what I mean ;)

So, what does it do then? Well, it's a command line program that...

  ...works with win32 or Linux
  ...reads the sound input in 'real-time' (i.e. no intermediate files)
  ...outputs .TAP files (normally)
  ...reads turbo tapes and spits out .PRG files

If there's any demand for it, I might even consider a GUI. But lets face it, such things are very rarely needed.

The latest source can be found here thanks to Sourceforge
A browsable version of the CVS repository can be found here
And here's the readme.

If you have any input on this, drop me or Martin a mail. For example, you might want to flame me for choosing such stupid names for the command line options and suggest some less brain-damaged ones. (They've improved some recently, but I'm still not very happy with them...)

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